Rock School

Check the new album "Descartes' Oven" here! What is a Rock School? What does it eat? Can I take it walks? Will it fetch sticks? Answers to this and more by watching the fillum. Click here to watch the last Rock School in the auld Holly Lodge Music Block.

Holly Lodge Rock School (The Tuesday Coffee Social)


Holly Lodge High School is proud to host the Rock School.


The group involves pupils from schools around the LEA. Pupils are “talent spotted” by both Sandwell Youth Music peripatetic staff and Holly Lodge Music Staff and invited to come along on Tuesdays, during term time, between 6 and 9pm.


Although called a “Rock School”, the group features music from many different genres of popular music, with an inclusive atmosphere.


The “Tuesday Coffee Social” is staffed by Ian Dickinson (Curriculum co-ordinator Music, Music Advanced Skills teacher) and Jon Pye (Sandwell Youth Music guitar and Recording Teacher). Pupils are given “masterclasses” in recording, performing and songwriting.


Regular performances are features of the work:


At Stuart Bathurst

Sandwell Valley

Album release concerts (usually at Holly Lodge)


Funding is provided by:


Holly Lodge Extended Schools Service

Holly Lodge Aim Higher

Holly Lodge Gifted and Talented Fund


Check out the Gallery, or listen to some Music. Contact Rock School at




When it happens at Holly Lodge